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Fried Gyoza with Sweet & Sour Sauce



bibigo Chicken & Vegetable Gyoza 8pcs
Romaine lettuce, rough chopped cut 60g (2 cup)
Lettuce, sliced 30g (1 cup)
Assorted baby leaves 30g (1 cup)
Onion, fine chopped 10g (1 Tbsp)
Red/Green bell pepper, fine chopped 10g (1 Tbsp)
Leek, sliced 10g (1 Tbsp)
Lemon, sliced (½ EA)
For the Sweet & Spicy Sauce:
Water 90ml (½ cup)
White sugar 40g (2 ⅔Tbsp)
White vinegar 45ml (3 Tbsp)
Soy sauce 50ml (¼ cup)
Oyster sauce 3ml (½ tsp)
Lemon juice 12ml (1 Tbsp)
Kosher salt 3g (1 tsp)
Garlic, minced 3g (1 tsp)


Bibigo Gyoza Chicken & Vegetable


Put the Gyoza in the pan and deep fry them until golden brown. Then set aside.
Place the vegetable, romaine, and lettuce on a plate and the fried Gyoza and pour sauce on top.
Lastly, add assorted baby leaves as a garnish and enjoy.
Whisk together sauce ingredients.
Prepare the onion, leek, red and green bell pepper
and lemon slices and add to the sauce.

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