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Inspired by authentic recipes, we bring exciting flavors of Korean cuisine into your home.

Taste of Korea

Siwonhan-mat (시원한 맛), the third sense describes how the body feels when eating. While smell and taste play an important role in the enjoyment of food, it is also important to evaluate what the body feels when eating.

Korean Cuisine

Korean cuisine is characterized by a great variety of dishes. Often, there are many different basic ingredients combined with each other. Very important is chili in different variations, soy sauce or soybean paste.

Probably the most internationally known dish from Korea is kimchi. With over 200 variations, the diversity is also reflected here. In Korea, you can even find refrigerators specially designed for kimchi.

Product Categories

Product Categories

Eating culture created in Korea in Premium Quality

No other country serves as many side dishes as Korea. In Korean cuisine, vegetable side dishes are served with cooked rice. These are called banchan. The cutlery used is usually a spoon, as well as a few chopsticks. The chopsticks are placed on the right side and the spoon on the left. Banchan are placed in the middle so that everyone at the table can help themselves.


Korean food is often eaten in larger groups. The dishes are placed in the middle and everyone takes a bit. Enjoy the highlight of Korean cuisine together with friends or family.